Are Nootropics Safe?

December 16, 2020

It is not uncommon to see people throwing around terms like dangerous, or harmful when talking about nootropics. Often it just people with a lack of knowledge on nootropics creating panic amongst the users. However, some of the most common questions raised when talking about the subject usually revolve around whether nootropics are dangerous? Are they safe to consume?

So let’s dive deeper into the topic and find out if nootropics are safe or not.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics can be anything that boosts your brain performance. It can be a naturally occurring substance like Ginkgo biloba, American Ginseng, Bacopa monnieri, or synthesized from a lab like Modafinil, Piracetam. They are generally referred to as smart drugs.

Nootropic supplements work by enhancing the brain’s cognitive functions like memory, learning, focus, mood, energy. They help modulate neurotransmitters’ levels, which are responsible for cognitive functions and enhance overall brain development. Neurotransmitters are responsible for carrying messages from one neuron to another. They are often referred to as chemical messengers.

How safe are nootropics?

The answer is – it depends! 

No, nootropics are not safe if taken in high dosages without some expert advice. Also, nootropics don’t work wonders overnight either. 

Like many prescribed medications(Eg., antibiotics), which have to be used for a course of time to reap their benefits, Nootropics has to be used for a while before you actually see their potential. According to Neurolifts expert reviewers, a nootropic supplement has to be approximately used for 3-4 weeks to realize its potential fully. 

The safety of nootropics also depends on several factors such as dosage, nootropic combinations, and quality of nootropics. Substandard nootropic products can cause potential harm.


The recommended dosage of a nootropic supplement depends on various factors such as gender, age, medical history. For example, a senior citizen can’t take the dosage recommended for individuals aged 30 and claim nootropic supplements don’t work or have adverse side effects.

Nootropic Combinations:

Nootropics are often combined to make them more effective and sometimes negate certain nootropics’ side effects when taken on their own. PAO stack(piracetam, aniracetam, and oxiracetam) is an excellent example of combining nootropics. In this combination, each compound covers the deficiency of others.

However, one has to be careful before creating a nootropics stack. Certain supplements, when combined, interact to cause adverse side effects that could cause harm.

Quality of Nootropics:

Another essential factor that has to be considered before choosing a nootropic supplement is the quality of ingredients used. Nootropics with higher quality ingredients will almost have no side effects and are not harmful.

Synthesized nootropics should have some form of trademark, or nootropic brands should be backed by human clinical research and good reviews. Nootropic herbs should be safer to use because they contain a single active ingredient.

Studies that prove Nootropics are safe

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is responsible for mood and happiness. A herb called Bacopa Monnieri(nootropic), when taken, modulates the levels of serotonin, thus improving mood and feeling of wellness. 

According to the study, Neuropharmacological Review of the Nootropic Herb Bacopa monnieri, this herb, which is a nootropic, has anti-oxidant abilities that provide neuroprotection, increase cerebral blood flow, and neurotransmitter modulation. 

Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease are common among older adults. According to Alzheimer’s foundation, an estimated 5.8 million Americans aged 65 and older live with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Nootropics are known to improve memory and learning, consequently helping Alzheimer’s patients to deal with the disease. According to a study called The Effects of Anti-Dementia and Nootropic Treatments on the Mortality of Patients with Dementia, combination treatment with anti-dementia and nootropics may prolong the life of patients with dementia.

We have also covered various other scientific researches that have proved the efficacy of different nootropics in this article. (Link to article nootropics science)

Do nootropics have side effects?

Nootropics have side effects when inferior nootropic supplements are taken. As mentioned above, it is advised to use nootropic brands that are backed by,

  • Human clinical trials where there are little to no side effects or 
  • Nootropics with high-quality ingredients or 
  • Herbal nootropics have been used for centuries with no side effects.


Also, some nootropic stacks produce side effects when combined. One has to be careful before using premade nootropic stacks or DIY nootropic stacks.


Anything taken in excess quantity harms the human body and brain, be it food or natural supplements. The same is the case with nootropics; when taken moderately, nootropics do wonders to your brain and body, like improving focus, energizing, enhancing mood and memory. The key to nootropic supplements is to use them moderately with expert advice and research.

With the current world around us, we must be smart, productive, and successful in life. Whether you are a working professional, student, stay-at-home mom, or senior citizen, a busy schedule or aging affects the brain’s normal functioning. The human brain is capable of healing itself, provided you supply it with the right supplements. Nootropics do this job for you as a cognitive enhancer.

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