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Cannzenna is a relatively new company offering high-quality CBD products. The product branding is slick and aesthetic while their limited catalog holds the promise of expansion. We were conflicted about our decision to review Cannzenna because various facets of the website appeared to us as a work in progress.


However, we decided to go ahead, given the fact we received their product samples and had a good experience in testing them. So read on further to see what we thought about them.


High quality products, even if limited

Designs are attractive and unique

Third-party lab testing and organic hemp


Only one concentration for most products

Very little info on the company background

The website is under development


The company is based out of Tempe, Arizona. And they’re committed to delivering high-quality CBD products with an in-house team handling every aspect from manufacturing to sale. 


Other than this, there is not a lot of information on their website.


While Cannzenna’s product line isn’t expansive, they cover all the usual bases and deliver high-quality products. Our gripe though is that most products come in only one potency. 


  • Oil tinctures: Broad spectrum CBD oil comes in three concentrations of 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. Keto-friendly, and 100% organic, you can choose from four delightful flavors, namely lemon pomegranate, mango blueberry, peach cotton, and natural. 


  • Gummies: Broad-spectrum Natural CBD gummies come in 500mg concentration. They’re tasty and fast-acting, helping relieve pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. 


  • Soft Gels: Both Full spectrum and broad spectrum Natural CBD soft gels are available. With MCT oil as the carrier, these are conveniently easy-to-go options. Available in the potency of 750mg CBD.


  • Topicals: Pain relief cream infused with organic aloe, camphor, menthol, and extract comes in two concentrations of 1000mg and 2000mg CBD. Skin complex cream acts as a daily moisturizer and heals skin health and has 200mg CBD.


They also sell CBD water. 


Products are reasonably priced, in our opinion. However, there are not a lot of variants or options to choose from. 


  • Oil tinctures: $35.99-$105.99
  • Soft gels((30 count): $64.99
  • Gummies (30 count): $35.99
  • Pain relief cream: $69.99-$99.99
  • Skin cream: $29.99


The company sources the highest quality of industrial hemp, grown on American farms. They also claim to employ industry best production processes, with an in-house team handling everything from sourcing the best raw materials and CO2 extraction to manufacturing and distribution. 


We could not find more detailed information, though.


All their products are tested by the independent third party lab, Desert Valley testing. Certificate of Analysis with detailed info on CBD content, presence of contaminants, and other compounds are published on the website.


Qualified, unopened products are eligible for returns within 30 days. The company ships products to 48 states, with free shipping for orders over $89. Expedited shipping is available.

Buying Experience

The website is a work in progress. It is very unstructured and cluttered. Browsing through the products or trying to find information is difficult. However, the design and branding are pretty, giving us hope that it’ll get better. 


Weirdly enough, we couldn’t find a way to reach Customer service—only a contact form for an email subscription.


Cannzenna is a compelling case. The products they currently offer are great. But with limited variants and options, we can’t evaluate their whole collection. Information about the company as well is entirely missing, apart from an under-development website. We hope we can upgrade this review in the near future once Cannzenna fulfills its potential.

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Natalie can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. In her spare time, she likes exploring the ever expanding universe of CBD and writing about them.

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