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Intrinsic hemp is an interesting, no fluff company with strong foundations and good CBD product catalog. They focus on providing high quality products made from american hemp and tested for their purity and quality..


Unlike certain brands, they don’t fall back on gimmicks or marketing angles. This also means there’s nothing specific to differentiate them in the market. So the question is, do their products stand up against the rest to warrant a switch? Take a look at our comprehensive review to find out yourself.


Solid, reputable brand with good quality products

American grown hemp, third party testing

Fast shipping


Nothing actually stands out about the company

Returns and refund policy is unclear


Intrinsic Hemp was founded in 2016 by David Haddix, a digital entrepreneur. Having worked in a series of companies, David was looking to start-up a venture of his own when he stumbled upon CBD. 


Years of struggles with anxiety, OCD and other issues were seemingly minimised with regular CBD consumption, which turned him into a believer. So when he decided to build a CBD company from scratch, he wanted to do it the right way. 


He wanted to build the company on “core principles of honesty, integrity and a sincere desire to introduce our customers to the products which can truly improve their lives”. Thus began the journey of Intrinsic Hemp into the ever growing CBD marketplace.


While Intrinsic Hemp does not have a unique product in it’s catalog, it does make all the usual suspects in varying concentrations. 


  • Oil Tinctures: You can choose your CBD oil in either a regular (250mg-500mg), broad spectrum(500mg) or isolate variants(500mg-1500mg). The choice is wholly dependent on whether you want a entourage effect, a completely THC free oil or whole plant derived product. 


  • Gummies: Available in a variety of fruity flavors, these gummies come in strengths of 600mg to a whooping 1500mg potency. They all contain CBDa and CBG, along with CBD. 


  • Capsules: Easy to carry CBD pills are available in concentrations of 750mg and 1500mg. 


  • Topicals: a single product segment, their amazing cream comes in a 4oz jar and is infused with 500mg CBD. 


  • Pet care: They have treats for dog and cats with the chewables having 300mg concentration. The CBD oil tinctures for pets come in 500mg concentration.


Considering the company is relatively new and not a big player, we found that most products tended to be somewhat expensive. Still the quality of the products are very good, so you get value for your dollar. 


  • Whole plant Oil Tinctures (250mg): $23.95
  • Full spectrum/Broad spectrum (500mg): $59.95/$49.95
  • Gummies (600+ mg/750mg): from $42.95/$49.95     
  • Capsules (750+ mg): from $42.95
  • Vape (550mg) – $49.95                                  
  • Amazing Cream(500mg) – $49.95
  • CBD Dog/Cat Treats (300mg) – $21.95
  • CBD Pet Oil (500mg) – $42.95

Our Experience

We received sample products from Intrinsic Hemp for this review, and tried them out over a period of two weeks. Here’s my personal experience. 


CBD Gummies (Vegan & non-vegan)

These gummies are one the best out there based on flavor and taste. I prefer the non-vegan gummies over the vegan gummies, because the taste is a little stronger. I took 2-3 gummies each time in the afternoon and it helped me to stay relaxed and stress free during my workday.


CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules work well. I use them in the morning to get rid quickly of my common morning headaches. They are easy to keep with you in case you want to dose more CBD during the day. The effect kicks in after about 20-30 mins and lasts for a couple of hours.


CBD Freeze Roll-On

The Freeze Roll-On is amazing. I used in the morning after waking up with soreness in my shoulders after an upper body workout. My shoulders joints always give me trouble the next day, but the free roll-on gave me a quick relief of the pain immediately. I would highly recommend this product to relief soreness and joint pain quickly.


CBD Oil Isolate & Full Spectrum CBD oil

I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two oils. I tried both of them at night to improve my sleep, but one wasn’t better (or worse) than the other. They both helped me to sleep better, but compared to other brands they aren’t superior.


The company sources all its hemp from industrial farms located in Kentucky. All the products are made from organic hemp-derived CBD oil, and covered under the 2018 Farm Bill. Products are packaged in an FDA compliant facility. 


All products undergo third party lab testing and batch test results are uploaded on the website. Individual product testing is currently not available. 


The company offers free and fast shipping, with products being shipped out on the day of order. We were unable to find details about the returns and refunds policies. 

Buying Experience

The website is very simple and straightforward. The designs are nothing remarkable, but the UI is friendly and does the job. 


The company routinely offers discounts on their products, and give you 10% discount code if you subscribe to their newsletter as well. 


Intrinsic Hemp is a solid company with good quality products and great customer service. They tick all the boxes with manufacturing practices, testing, support, etc. 


We do feel though that company does just enough in all aspects without ever exceeding expectations. They are a safe, reliable option. While we won’t be singing platitudes about them from the rooftops, we definitely recommend them.

About the Author

Natalie Jones

Natalie can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. In her spare time, she likes exploring the ever expanding universe of CBD and writing about them.

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