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Made by Hemp is a Michigan based CBD company that has adopted a unique business model. In addition to selling their line of CBD products, they also function like a marketplace carrying products of other hand-picked CBD brands like Charlotte’s Web, Endoco, CBDfx, and more. 


Their range of products covers the usual suspects of oil tinctures, capsules, topicals, and the rest. Made By Hemp is dedicated to educating people about CBD, as well as offering them an unparalleled variety in product selection. For the sake of an unbiased review, we shall focus on their products alone, and the overall purchase experience. 


A wide range of products from both their collection and from other companies

Carefully curated catalog with high-quality industrial Hemp

Third-party testing and in-house production facilities


There are no strength variations for their line of products

Products can be cost prohibitive at times


Founded in 2013, Made By Hemp was the direct result of CEO Jeff Gallagher’s life-changing experience with hemp oil. Since then, he has made it his mission to “improve the well-being of people through CBD hemp oil supplements.” 


The company is based out of Michigan and operates with a small team, and 30 employees on its payroll. While Made by Hemp manufactures all products in its production facility around the Grand Rapids region, they nonetheless carry products (often in the same segment) from other companies. 


While we are not privy to their financials to comment on their business model, we do find it very fascinating. We wonder if this might be the way forward for small players in an increasingly saturated industry.        


  •  Oil: Their 1oz CBD oil tincture has a concentration of 1000mg CBD and comes in three flavors; strawberry creme, Mojito lime, and french vanilla.  These are made from full-spectrum hemp extracts and contain no artificial flavors or unnatural ingredients.


  • Salve: Cooling muscle rub is infused with 500mg CBD and helps relieve pain and inflammation. CBD patches are also available with 40mg CBD in each patch. They stick to your skin and provide pain relief for up to 12hrs.


  • Gummies and soft gels: Easy to consume and convenient, delicious CBD gummies and unflavored soft gels both deliver 25mg CBD per piece. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.


  • Topicals: The skin range includes a diverse range of products such as hand sanitizers, Lip balms, Face serums, Body lotion, cleanser, toner, massage oil, and tattoo care balm. All products are infused with varying levels of CBD and other natural ingredients. 


  • CBD for pets: Hemp extract oil is specially designed for cats and dogs with 500mg CBD concentration in each 30ml bottle. They also have 1.6oz paw balm infused with 500mg CBD for healthy paws of your pets. 


The products were surprisingly priced higher than we expected them to be. Maybe our assumption that carrying other company products would drive them to undercut their products were false. 


  • Oil (1oz): $85
  • Salve (2oz): $49.99
  • Patches: $16
  • Gummies (40 count): $74.99
  • Face serums (1oz): $29.99
  • Balms (1.6 oz): $29.9)-$49.99
  • Body lotions (250mg CBD): $34.99
  • Massage oil (3.4oz): $49.99
  • CBD oil for pets(1oz):  $41.99

Our Experience

We received sample packs for this review from the company and I tried them all over the course of 2 weeks. Here’s my personal experience


Cooling Muscle Rub

The cooling muscle rub is a phenomenal product if you are trying to get some quick relief of pain in muscles and joints. My knee usually blows up a little after running 5k, but the cooling muscle rub gets rid of the pain and swelling quickly. The cooling aspect relieves pain immediately, and I highly recommend using this after a workout or the day after.


Hemp Extract Tincture

The oil has a good flavor/taste and was used during a period of intense muscle soreness after a triathlon. The oil helped get rid of the joint pain and also helped in relieving stress leading up to the triathlon itself. The effect comes in minutes after taking it in. I highly recommend using this oil for muscle soreness and stress relief.


Made by Hemp sources all its hemp extract from industrial farms in the USA. All production takes place in their 1200ft manufacturing facility in Grand Rapid, Michigan. They follow industry best practices. 


The products they carry from other companies are carefully selected and vetted based on several criteria such as sourcing, Ingredients, reputation, etc. 


While they do have in-house testing facilities, all products are still examined by an independent third party. This includes secondary testing of products from other companies too. Cannabinoid content, contaminants, and ingredients are assessed for every certificate of analysis. Test results are published on the website. 


Shipping rates vary depending on size and location, although they ship to all 50 states with USPS. They also ship overseas to select countries for a $35 fee. We were not able to find a return policy. 

Buying Experience

The website is straightforward to use, and designs are pleasing to the eye, if not exceptional. Browsing through all the products is simple. However, we would’ve preferred to see Made By Hemps’s products demarcated away from other company’s products. You can also visit either of their two retail stores in Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan.


Their customer service is really good, and we had no issues connecting through different mediums or getting our queries answered.


The company runs a lucrative affiliate program, as well as sells products in wholesale. Their rewards program is fascinating and fun. You get a point for every dollar spent and more points for signing up/subscribing. 100 points can be redeemed for 5$ in-store discount. 


Made By Hemp is also dedicated to charitable causes, donating part of their revenue regularly to various causes they identify with.


Made by Hemp is a fascinating model and a company we’re intrigued by. Their limited product line is impressive, yet their offering of other popular brands is highly imaginative. 


The brand exudes trustworthiness, and we are surprised they’ve gone under the radar for so long. Maybe if they develop more products of their own, they could build a distinctive image. Regardless, we shall keep an eye on them.

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Natalie JonesCBD Journalist

Natalie can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. In her spare time, she likes exploring the ever expanding universe of CBD and writing about them.

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