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Receptra Naturals is an online CBD company which offers a variety of capsules, tinctures, topicals, and pet products. They focus on creating products with the full hemp flower, which allows them to get a pure hemp extract.


While their primary target market seems to be athletes and those into sports, Receptra Naturals products can assist in various aspects of life, whether taken for supplementation or medicinally.  


Products deliver good, if not great, results at low prices

The whole hemp flower is used for producing CBD products.

The founder and employees of the company have personal experience with CBD


Branding and product differentiation need a ‘serious’ upgrade

Purchasing process could be made simpler

Finding the right product can be difficult


Receptra Naturals began circa 2015 after the founder slipped and fell, leading him to experience immense pain.  When the pain did not subside after months of being laid up even though pharmaceutical drugs were prescribed one too many times, he turned to CBD oil to get his life back on track.  


CBD helped him so much that he decided he wanted to spread awareness about it to the world. However, his personal experience led him to mistrust the run of the mill brands and frustration conjoined with it. This is how Receptra Naturals was born.  The company currently has a team of over 40 employees who have all experienced the benefits of CBD oil.


Receptra Naturals has a catalog of products, each differing in their formulas and available in variants like rest, relaxation, relief, or 0 THC.  


  •   Tincture oils- With a potency of 17 mg to 66 mg, this CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC, although there is a zero THC variant.  Chamomile,  Lavender, and Turmeric are the three tincture flavors available.  


  •   Capsules- CBD soft gels are offered in 25 mg potency.  This full-spectrum hemp product is manufactured with MCT oil and blended with natural and organic ingredients. 


  •   Topicals- Hemp balm with 400 mg, 800 mg, or 0 THC is blended with Arnica to provide pain relief.  Body oil blended with Arnica is also offered in 400mg or 800mg to soothe tension and provide the skin with moisture. 


  •   Products for pets- Tinctures are offered in 17 mg and 25 mg for your pet family, including cats, dogs, birds, and other critters.  

Our Experience

We tested the following products for this review. 


  • Receptra Natural’s Serious Rest & Chamomile 25 mg tincture, 
  • Serious Relief + Arnica targeted topical 400 mg, 
  • Seriously Relax 25 mg Gel Capsules.  
  • We also purchased the Receptra Pet Tincture 16 mg.  


Receptra Natural’s Serious Rest & Chamomile was perfect after a long day at work where we felt much tension.  This blend helped us fall asleep much faster as it calmed down the mind.  We appreciated the flavors of mint, vanilla, and chamomile strung throughout the oil.


The Serious Relief + Arnica targeted topical is perfect for parts of your body that are irritated.  We used it on our aging knees, which soaked in the balm quickly to alleviate swelling and inflammation.  We welcomed the jojoba oil, which not only softened the skin but allowed the balm to glide on.  Camphor soothed the muscles and bones in our knee while the jasmine and ylang-ylang appeased our nose. 


The Seriously Relax 25 mg Gel Capsules were perfect for us to take while traveling.  We did not have to worry about dosing out any liquid, and could easily take a capsule with a meal or in the car.  The capsules left us in a calm state of feeling.  


The Receptra Pet Tincture was used for our aging cat.  He has been battling stiff joints with his aging bones and is not agile like he once was.  We noticed after a week of using the tincture on him; he seemed to be getting by better.  


All Receptra Naturals products are manufactured using organic hemp that is locally grown in Colorado.  It is sustainable with no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. 


No part of the plant’s seeds, stems, or stalks is used when manufactured into Receptra Naturals products. 


Receptra Naturals is transparent from the moment the seeds are planted until the product is delivered.  A detailed report is laid out online, providing you with the third-party testing results.  The company tests for cannabinoids, foreign matter (such as hair, insects, or mold), heavy metals(lead, arsenic, etc.), microbial residues (aerobic bacteria, E.Coli, etc.), and terpenes.


Shipping is free for standard ground shipping.  Receptra Naturals will ship to all 50 states, as well as internationally, if you contact customer support. We used the standard shipping and started enjoying our CBD products less than a week after placing the order.  

Buying Experience

While the bottles of CBD oils, tinctures, and balms do not have the most attractive design, we appreciate the simple colors used to tell the three formulas apart.  However, their branding needs to be ‘seriously’ updated. Calling every product serious relief or serious rest sounds asinine to us, and a terrible marketing strategy. 


Customer support for Receptra Naturals is very attentive and helpful.  They can be reached by phone Monday through Saturday at set hours.


Regardless of whether you are just trying CBD oils or have been around the block a few times with them, you will find that Receptra Naturals is a respected and trustworthy company.  With a variety of products and formulas, this company can help set you free from aches, pains, and worry.  

About the Author

Austin Beals

Austin Beals is a writer, and a lifelong advocate of Cannabis for health and wellness. He likes hiking, football and online chess.

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