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UB Super is a very different company that does not offer CBD products in the usual drops, soft gels, vapes, or other ways.  This company provides you plant-based protein shakes and smoothies with hemp extract. If you are a drinker of these types of drinks or thinking about trying them, this would be a great company to check out.  


In our review, we will explore if these drinks are right for you and what they can do for your body.


Protein shakes are healthy, nutritional and a great alternative to traditional CBD products

THC free, all-natural ingredients

16g Plant-based protein per serving. 100% organic


Not a lot of flavoring options

Transparency is lacking


In 2008, the founder of UB Super was on a long bike ride when he was hit by a truck, and it was thought he would not survive.  Even though he survived, he had a compromised immune system and was sick many times during the year. So he began a four-year quest to figure out what he could do to help support his immune system, pre-and-post workout recovery, and energy metabolism.  He wanted to heal himself with nutrition.  


After much trial and error and help from Dr. Jason Mitchell, who at that time worked at County Life Vitamins as Chief Science Officer, he came up with an innovative idea.  The idea was a protein superfood nutritional shake and smoothie that is made from high-quality natural ingredients. Say hello to UB super.


UB Super offers three types of plant-based protein shakes; full-spectrum hemp extract, plain, and broad-spectrum hemp extract.  They also provide a plant-based protein smoothie in single canisters or 3/6 bundles. 


The shakes with the broad spectrum hemp extra is chocolate flavored, and the full spectrum hemp extra is vanilla flavored. With every scoop, it contains a whole-food-based multivitamin, which includes more than 85 different minerals and vitamins.  With the plain shake, you have the added option of chocolate.  


Each serving gives you 16 grams of plant based protein.


The smoothie comes in vanilla, chocolate, and natural flavors and has 75 minerals and vitamins.  There is no added sugar and 90-110 calories a serving.


The drinks are non-GMO, and whole-food, which make them a nutritious protein superfood shake.  For optimal absorption, the shakes and smoothies combine essential nutrients.


With the plain plant-based shake, it would be $49.99, and for a two-pack with the extra hemp extra, it would cost $89.99.  They are all eligible for the subscription program.


For one time purchase of the smoothie, it costs $29.99. But if you buy the three-pack bundle, it would be $89.99, and the six-pack bundle would be $179.99.  The bundle packs are not part of the “subscribe and save the program.”


You can make a one-time purchase or use the “subscribe and save the program.”  With the program, you would save 10% and choose how many times you want the delivery.


All of these shakes and smoothies are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, wheat-free, no corn, or added sugar so they will fit any lifestyle that you live. You can mix your shake and smoothie and take it with you on the go.


There is no information on their manufacturing procedures.


There is no information on their testing procedures.


For all orders, there is free shipping within the United States. If you order two canisters or more, and if your order is over $200, the company will ship globally.

Buying Experience

The website is easy to navigate, given the small product catalog. It’s simple and does the job. Buying products is straightforward. 


If your goals are recovery and fitness, healthy weight loss, immune system support, or energy metabolism, then these shakes and smoothies would be great. However, the website sorely lacks information pertaining to production or testing. That is a big drawback from our perspective.


Nevertheless, UB super will provide your body with the complete nutrition it needs. And with it being in a powder form, you can easily mix it with water or your favorite drink. We can recommend them, provided the company works on its transparency issues. 

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Austin Beals

Austin Beals is a writer, and a lifelong advocate of Cannabis for health and wellness. He likes hiking, football and online chess.

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