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Wellicy is a Colorado-based company taking a holistic approach towards its product line, and offering an array of CBD products. In a unique business model, they also carry products from other popular brands giving you a variety of options. 


When you buy from wellicy, you can buy with confidence that you are getting 100% natural hemp-derived CBD. For this review, we are only focusing on their products. So read on further, and you will soon be placing your order.


Carries a range of products from their own collection and various other companies

High quality with a strict vetting process

Price and potency options are appreciated


Lack of information on the company, processing, etc

The website could be more user friendly

Branding could be improved


Wellicy is located in Centennial, Colorado, and ships from their warehouse in Denver.  This company promises its customers that they will get products that are manufactured in an FDA certified lab.  Wellicy also sells third party products from other CBD brands, but all of them have to follow their manufacturing and quality standards.  


On their website, they do not list how long they have been in business or much else about their company.


Wellicy offers a variety of CBD products from cosmetics, edibles, inhalers to topical, vapes, and even CBD for your pets. 


  • Oil: Wellicy Grape CBD oil is their best selling product and comes in three different strengths – 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg CBD per 30 ml bottle. There are three other flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry CBD Oil, and Apple.


  • Cosmetics: in the beauty segment, they offer their customers five types of face masks;


  • Rose for toning/toning
  • Charcoal for purifying/brightening
  • Lavender for relaxing/soothing at night time
  • Cucumber for hydrating/tightening
  • Aloe Vera for soothing/tightening.   


All of them come with 50mg broad-spectrum CBD except for the Aloe Vera.  They also have a face serum with hemp and blue chamomile.


  • Capsules: Wellicy also carries a variety of capsules such as soft gels for nighttime, hemp fuel CBD capsules, restore CBD capsules, and CBD infused edibles like a lemonade chill shot and gummies. 


  • CBD for pets: they have products to help pets stop itching, strengthen their joints, and even chewables like dog treats, in addition to regular CBD oil. 


  • Topicals: They have topicals that allow you to apply it directly to the area of pain so it can be quickly absorbed into your skin. You can get skincare kits, moisturizer, muscle salve, facial cleansers, and so much more.  


One thing that Wellicy has that not many other CBD sites offer is a CBD inhaler, with 1,000 broad-spectrum CBD and comes in flavors Dreamsicle (vanilla/orange) or Mojito Mint (mint/lime).


Products are reasonably priced in our opinion.


  • Hemp Restore capsules (30/60): $39.99-$64.99 
  • CBD pre-roll: $9.99, 
  • Container (4 grams): $25.00. 
  • CBG flowers (3.5 grams): $34.99 for/
  • Face masks: $5.99


There is no information on how the products are manufactured, except it is done in the United States.  It also states that their products are made with no THC or synthetics.  If it is a full spectrum product, then it contains no more than 0.3% of THC, according to the Farm Bill.  THC is what can make you feel like you are experiencing a high.  


All third party test results from the labs are listed on one of their web pages.  All it states on their website is that they use a third party lab but nothing on how the testing is done.


Wellicy ships to all fifty states, but very little  is said about international orders.  When you order, it will generally take 3-5 business days, and it comes by USPS.  


They offer a 15 day, no questions asked return policy, but it only applies to the products that are purchased at retail price.  They have to be in the original package unopened.  If they have been opened or used, they will not accept them for a refund, nor will they accept them after 15 days.  

Buying Experience

The website is average. Designs are appealing, but browsing through products is a pain. This is mainly because they carry products from third parties, and it clutters up the page, making it hard to find a product unless you already know what you want. 


If you wish to contact them, you can call them or send them an email.  Although their refund policy is shorter than most, you do have a no questions asked policy. 


If you are starting out using CBD products, they have a page for you to click on to watch videos to educate you on how to choose the best CBD product for your own needs.  They have a live session every Wednesday and Thursday if you want to watch it live.  


Wellicy offers a lot of products, so you are sure to find something that you want. It is a great site to buy from, but it would be better if you knew more about their manufacturing and testing processes. 


We appreciate the fact that they carry third party brand products and give consumers an unparalleled level of choice. We do hope their own line gets a boost up soon, and they can create an image of their own.

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Evan Gambit

Evan Gambit is a self proclaimed CBD connoisseur, living in Texas. He used to work as a paralegal and spends way too much time cooking.

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