Best Nootropics to Supercharge your Brain

It is an innate human desire to move towards self-improvement, to be always better and faster than others. It was the gratification of this intrinsic trait which resulted in numerous innovations and inventions. The adage; “necessity is the mother of inventions” aptly illustrates how when humans felt the need for mental improvements, resorted to creation of brain supplements, now most commonly known as nootropics.

Nootropics can help boost your cognitive capabilities and stay at the top of your game be it at home, school or workplace.

Although there are some controversies about nootropics use, people are now turning to these brain stimulators to enhance their mental performance.

Nootropics basically work by protecting your neurons from damage inflicted by toxins and age. These smart drugs help you cope with mental fatigue, low motivation and memory issues. Some nootropics even manage to calm your nerves down and help release tension during a stressful day.

Here we are going to list down best nootropics that will boost your memory and supercharge your brain:

Benefits of Caffeine
  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most widely produced and consumed brain stimulator in the world.

It is naturally present in tea, coffee, cocoa, kola nuts, many energy drinks and supplements as well. People use it as a supplement on its own or in combination with some other smart drugs for optimizing their cognitive abilities.

Mechanism of action of this drug is that it blocks adenosine receptors in your brain which makes you feel alert.

Regular intake of 40–300 mg caffeine per day increases your alertness and decreases your reaction time. These doses are especially effective for fatigued people. Learn more about caffeine effect on cognitive functions here.

Phosphatidyl-serine is found in your brain as a fat compound which is phospholipid.

Taking phosphatidyl-serine supplements is said to be helpful for maintaining brain health. These supplements are easily available online and in some chain pharmacies as well.

Consuming 100 mg of this brain supplement thrice a day is helpful in improving cognitive capacity of brain with age. Additionally, healthy people who take these brain boosters of up to 200-400 mg per day have been shown to have improved memory and focus.

However, further studies are required to understand its actual effects on brain function.

Benefits of Gotukola

It is a flower shaped leaf which can be eaten as a salad and is part of many herbal medicines as well. In some countries in the world, it is consumed in form of gotukola tea by the natives and is a very popular beverage among them.

Kola is a mind tonic to improve memory and intelligence. For centuries, it has been used to treat depression, fatigue and Alzheimer disease. Kola is also used to treat multiple ailments.

It is easily available online in many forms like teas and tonics or you can buy it from certified apothecary shops as well. However, you must always talk to a herbal expert about its dose and other side effects to avoid any harm.

Its fan-like leaves are used to improve cognitive function and slow down the age related dementia. It is a natural brain supplement available in form of tablets, drinks, teas and tonics as well. The exact mechanism of action is still unknown but according to a study; it contains many anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation and also affects neurotransmitters’ travelling speed. It therefore works as cognitive enhancer.

But its use should be in small amount; otherwise it will cause some adverse effects.

Benefits of Bacopa Monnieri

This is a medicine made from the herb Bacopa monnieri. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicinal practices like Ayurveda to improve cognitive function and brain ailments.

Bacopa Monnieri improves memory and thinking process in healthy people as well as in elderly people suffering with age related dementia.

One thing must be taken note of, which is that to get the best results, its continuous use is necessary. Take about 300 mg dose every day and it may take a month or more to show proper results.

Studies related to this herb also indicate that it is responsible for causing diarrhea in people occasionally. Therefore it is recommended to take this medicine with food or avoid taking it, if it doesn’t suit you.

The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil have a lot of health benefits. Docosa-hexaenoic acid (DHA) is a particular fatty acid which supports brain health. If you take a diet which is low in omega-3, then taking a fish oil supplement will enhance your memory and cognitive functions. Plus it is rich in vitamin D3 which plays a key role to absorb calcium in bones.

Be careful while purchasing fish oil supplement to avoid any substandard products. You must choose a high-quality product to get optimum benefits.

benefits of L-theanine

L-Theanine is most commonly present in tea leaves. It is an amino acid known to have a soothing effect on the brain without a tendency to cause drowsiness.

Mechanism of action of theanine is that it stimulates alpha wave activity in our brain, which gives a relaxing affect.

Alpha-wave activity in the brain plays an important role in being alert and attentive. Theanine is mostly consumed in a combination with caffeine. Therefore it reduces anxiety symptoms, keeps you calm and attentive.

Theanine is a content of organic green tea and it is its most common form of consumption.

It is a supplement obtained from the herb called Rhodiola rosea, this was often a remedy in ancient Chinese medicine to optimize healthy brain function and overall wellbeing.

It is useful to reduce anxiety and fatigue thus helps in improving brain health.

A recent study stated that further research is needed before scientifically stating if it can boost brain function and reduce fatigue.

Bottom Line

Excess of anything is bad and people often use nootropics in excess to give their brains a quick boost. This is where the horrendous repercussions of nootropics kick in.  Therefore, one should always use these smart drugs in adequate amount to avoid the bad consequences

4 Things Nootropics Can Do For You

Whether you are a busy professional working hard for a promotion, college student striving to excel in academics, an elderly person facing dementia or stay at home parent struggling with house hold duties, the idea of taking a pill that enhances your brain performance is brilliant.

Nootropic is a term used to refer to any natural or synthetic substances that can be taken by a healthy person to improve mental performance. In our modern, ever-evolving society, nootropics, also referred to as smart drugs or brain supplements, are widely used by most people. But what can these drugs do for you at home, school, work and social situations.

Below is what nootropics can do for you.

1. Improve your Academic performance
Academic Benefits of Nootropics
Academic Benefits of Nootropics

To perform well in your academics, your mind power needs to be high to manage all the struggles: attending class lessons, doing homework at night, revising for continuous assessment tests, midterm and final exams. You may not manage all these without popping in a smart drug that enhances your brain power.

Adderall is a brain supplement that is well known among the college students in the United States. The drug is no longer used because of its several side effects. Instead, a student goes for nootropics that serve the same purpose without unnecessary side effects. Over the last ten years, use of nootropics among college students has increased tremendously. One of the well-known smart drugs being used by college students globally is modafinil. This brain supplement assists students to wake up early in the mornings for classes, it also help students to stay awake, alert and focused till completion of the task. Students work for long hours without fatigue when they use modafinil.

Smart drugs can facilitate the performance of students in school. With several constant disturbances surrounding us, it is difficult to stay focused in the current world. Focus is a main factor that can improve your academic performance. Many students have used brain supplements to enhance their brain functions and improve their academic porgress. Other smart drugs that can help you improve in academics include caffeine, L- theanine, phenylpiracetam and aniracetam.

2. Improve Social Performance.

Many people are using nootropics to improve social performance. Throughout history, we have never been so connected yet so distant. With increase in technological progress, people have become so busy working on their phones and computers, that they spend little time mingling with each other. This has led to a rise in social anxiety, causing difficulty for people to connect.

The problem with social anxiety is that it’s likely to drain away your performance. There are many different types of smart drugs that facilitate comfort in a social situation. Unlike prescription, anxiety medicines that can make you feel asleep, smart drugs lower anxiety without inducing sleep. Anecdotal views from a large number of users show that there is great improvement in social performance once you start taking nootropics.

Nootropics give you confidence to manage groups, address issues, contribute ideas and several other things. In this case, performance of task becomes easier. Some of the well-known nootropics being used to improve social performance include; Ashwagandgha, L-theanine, Facoracetam, Aniracetam, and Lion’s mane

3. Improve Performance at Work

Energy is required to do work. Some jobs require great exertion either physically or mentally, while many require both.  Competition for promotion can be stiff. Everyone desires to get to higher ranks, to earn more money and be respected by friends. For you to achieve this, you are required to work overtime, do some work from home, and make other necessary sacrifices.

Smart drugs can assist you to do your work better. If you are working on a demanding project that requires you to work for long hours a day, modafinil can assist to wake you up early in the morning, keep you alert and active throughout the day, till late in the evening. Armodafinil is another brain supplement similar to modafinil and is preferably used by some professionals. It is marginally more effective and its results last for a longer period of time.

Armodafil will help you feel awake, alert and focused throughout the day. If you are working overnight, it will help you feel fresh and alert all night. Modafinil, ginkgo biloba and sulbutiamine are other smart drugs being used by professionals to improve work performance.

4. Improve Performance at Home
Benefits of Nootropics at Home
Benefits of Nootropics at Home

May be you have been struggling to finish all the house hold duties: clothes, yard work, house cleaning and pet care, working on your taxes etc. May be your task list is longer than what you feel you can accomplish, and it is giving you conflict instead of peace. You can solve such problems by taking a nootropic to enhance brain performance.

Home life can be so stressful. especially if you kids and are demanding just like school and professional work. Brain supplements can help you think and make decisions faster, feel motivated and focused, so that you can accomplish everything that you need to.


Nootropics are of great help in your daily activities. They can help you do well in academics, improve your performance at work, home and social situations. Modafinil, caffeine and L -Theanine are some of the brain supplements that are commonly used all over the world. They have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Taking nootropics help you enhance your brain performance; you become alert and active during the day till late at night.

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