December 7, 2020

DMMA is an amphetamine derived synthetic nootropics. The supplement has gained much popularity in the world of sport for its many benefits.  It’s a very potent stimulant for sports performance and weight loss.  As an alternative to pre-workout caffeine, DMAA powder results in improved energy, mental concentration, perception, and decrease tiredness.

History of DMAA

DMAA dates back to 1940. It was used to treat nasal congestion. Under the name Fortune, marketed as a vasoconstrictor. DMAA remained obscure for several decades. But, made a comeback renamed “geranamine.” As a result, the new synthetic pharmaceutical forms an ingredient in sports and weight loss supplements.

How Does It Work?

The exact action mechanism of DMAA is unknown. But, as a pre-workout booster, it works as a neurotransmitter with a thermogenic action.

DMAA pre-workout imitates the benefits of adrenaline. In addition, it fuels noradrenaline, the hormone responsible for the brain’s reward system. Thus, boost energy delivery in the body during the workout.

As soon as DMAA pre-workout kicks in,   User experience: 

  • Increased blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate.
  • Increases energy, alertness, and strength.
  • A feeling of intense focus.     
  • Causes vasoconstriction.


Therefore, DMAA is the best pre-workout supplement. It increases energy during workouts and boosts weight loss. It comes in handy for anyone who likes intense, challenging exercises. 

Functions of DMAA Pre-Workout

DMAA Pre-Workout can elevate energy levels, reduce fatigue, boost stamina, raise focus, and improve recovery times.

As a sports supplement, DMAA pre-workout functions include:

  • Impact on muscles

DMAA pre-workout increases muscle endurance.  The ingested DMAA powder acts as an adenosine receptor antagonist. Thus, it reduces overall muscle pain.  Besides, it decreases muscle recovery time for better results.

  • Focus  

DMAA boosts the production and reception of norepinephrine for heightened mental focus during workouts. 

  • Optimize performance

DMMA pre-workout helps prepare the body for focused workout action. As a result, it boosts the user’s fitness performance. Also, it helps with muscle building and weight loss.

  • Boost energy delivery

DMAA triggers the release of noradrenaline, which stimulates glucose release to power intense exercise.

  • Promoting Dopamine

The supplement increases dopamine levels for enhanced mood, concentration, and focus.  DMAA brings an endless energy supply for better performance.

What does the expert say about its use?

Besides, most studies have concluded the effects of DMAA based on a dietary supplement containing DMAA. 

The result may mislead if we consider DMAA powder.

  • Fat Burning: 

DMAA, a dietary supplement, resulted in body fat loss in 32-adults in a two weeks study.

  • Weight Loss:

There are claims that DMAA is a weight loss supplement. Increased heart rate and blood pressure raise body temperature, which could lead to fat loss. This was established in a study to determine the long term weight loss properties of DMMA.

  • Memory and Reflexes:

A study to test DMAA cognitive and recovery properties in athletics showed heightened reflexes and short-term memory.

  • Physical Performance:

DMAA has a similar effect on performance as caffeine.  In a study involving rats, it was established that DMAA powder results in better exercise performance. This is through improved focus and increased energy levels.

How to Use DMAA?

DMMA is available as pills, capsules, and powder. But the best form of this synthetic nootropics is DMAA Powder. Before using DMAA powder, understand the recommended dosage, active amount, and effects.  

There is a little confusion about the proper usage of DMAA. If you take too much of any Nootropics, you can develop health problems. Thus, the right dosage taking the correct dose is paramount.

You can mix the DMAA powder with your usual pre-workout food or drinks. But dissolve for the best result. Besides, you can add the powder to the water for the workout session. 

However, read the label advisor. Besides, never take more than the recommends dosing. DMAA pre-workout comes in a jar or bag. Therefore, you will need measuring equipment to guarantee the dosage.

How to take DMAA powder?

There is no actual evidence to support the DMAA dosage. A study done on the effects of DMMA on a 25 mg dosage resulted in a low increase in heart rate, temperature, or blood pressure. Therefore, use 25mg as the dosage base. 

For a typical pre-workout starting dose of DMAA, consider 10-25 mg of 40-70 mg daily. See how your body reacts before increasing the dosage. Most DMAA pre-workout users find a dose between 25mg and 75 mg optimal. Use a milligram scale for accurate measurements.

DMAA powder has a half-life of 8.4 hours compared to caffeine, which lasts 5.4 hours. Also, a lag time of 0.14 hours compared to 0.37 hours for caffeine. Thus, it’s a better pre-workout nootropic than caffeine.

Side effects

DMAA lacks rigorous FDA and scientific testing. Thus, potential side effects may conflict. 

DMAA works by mimicking adrenaline. Therefore, side effects are similar to those of prolonged adrenaline in the body. The FDA lists following the potential side effects of DMAA product: 

  • Mild effects: 

Dehydration, cold sweats, shortness of breath, light-headedness, loss of consciousness, narrow blood vessels/arteries, increased blood pressure.

  • Psychological effects: 

Anxiety, nervousness, depression, irritability.

  • Fatal: 

Heart failure, sudden cardiac death, stroke, lethal exhaustion, trembling, seizures.


DMAA pre-workout is a powerful nootropic with great pre-work benefits. But users should be cautious on dosage. Most advantages come with the possibility of a severe side effect. With DMAA powder, you will experience heightened focus and concentrate on fitness and weight lifting.

After the duration of these benefits, DMMA powder is much longer-lasting and faster acting than other pre-workout supplements. 

Start slow and increase dosage as you observe how well your system handles DMAA pre-workout.

Now you know what DMAA is, are you ready to try?

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